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Who is Ruby Rose? Edit

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Ruby Rose (My favorite character) is said a lot of times to be a giant ball of rainbows and sunshine. Ruby Rose is a silver eyed warrior and she has a high caliber sniper rifle and scythe that she calls her beloved Crescent Rose and her mother died due to grim.

When Ruby finally gets to attend her dream school for huntresses and hunters (Beacon Academy) she is really excited and that is where she meets her teammates and soon to be best friends, but evil is lurking from the day she met the headmaster Rowan her Rival is up to no good and soon starts the fall of beacon.

The fall of beacon was tragic for Ruby but she still wants to be a professional huntress. Team RWBY gets split up in the fall of beacon. Blake goes home. Yang loses her arm and stays home but after that looks for her mom to get to Ruby with her semblance. Ruby suffers even more loss while having a great adventure to and at Mistral. Weiss gets stuck locked up at home with her dad. They soon form back together in season 5.

Ruby Rose is the main character of this all she is the leader of team RWBY and she is the one who has to go through more in the show/game.

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