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RWBY is a Rooster Teeth show and video game it has a novel, fanfics, and fan items too. It is originated in Australia and a lot of people like it. The theme songs are based on the topic of RWBY and the main character is Ruby Rose a silver-eyed warrior who lost her mother to grim. The name RWBY is directed on a team the name of the team is based on the team's characters' first initials R for Ruby Rose, W for Weiss Schnee, B for Blake Belladonna, Y for Yang Xao Long. Each of the members of the team all have a main color and it is matched on the beginning initials of the team-members Ruby Rose is red, Weiss Schnee is white, Blake Belladonna is black, and Yang Xao Long is yellow. Grim are evil creatures that are the source of dread, hate, and evil, They are created by the god of destruction. Huntresses and hunters Kill these evil beings and survive the next day. this is how they are payed. Team RWBY is a team of huntresses but they are soon separated at the fall of beacon... But they soon find each other again in Mystral, but something is wrong...

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